About Paint and Party

Paint and Party is an affiliate of Feed A Million Mouths International (FAMMI). Together we are laser focused on poverty alleviation by addressing the two key pain points – Nutrition and Education. We aim to feed one million vulnerable people in Uganda. We further aim to get street children and slum kids into school in a sustainable manner.

We believe that escape from the poverty trap must be built on the twin pillars of education and nutrition. To this end, we have partnered with Katwe Central Primary School.

Each of the children from this vulnerable community is given a free meal, every day that they attend school.

Additionally, we have pioneered the kARTwe project. This is an art education program for slum kids and street kids. We train them to paint and to draw. Each child that attends the Saturday art class is also given a free meal. When you join a Paint and Party event, you are contributing directly to this initiative.

All proceeds from Paint and Party go directly towards supporting these programs. So, when you participate in a Paint and Party event, you can say…

I Paint! I Party! I Change a Life!