Serena Kampala

The Serena Kampala Hotel is a stunningly beautiful oasis of calm. It is set in 15 acres of manicured lawns and expertly curated gardens. The vast grounds abundant with peaceful alcoves, relaxing walks and bubbling streams. The fountains tinkle like fist-fulls of silver coins falling on to a velvet cushion.

Paint and Party has partnered with Serena Kampala. Together we will Yin Yang you into a quiet place. A place where creativity and gastronomy collude. A space that will make you ask “Do I have to leave this heaven?”

Join us on a Saturday afternoon to learn to paint that masterpiece you always dreamed of.  Remember all proceeds from Paint and Party go directly to support the project run by Feed a Million Mouths International. You will be supporting the feeding, education and art training of a street child or a slum child.

Join us for a Paint and Party experience. Then you will say…

“I Paint! I Party! I Change a Life!” 

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