Our Paint and Party Pals


It was fun. The instructors helped a lot from the kids to the adults. I’d definitely do it again.


It was amazing and therapeutic. We should do it again sometime.


I can’t really describe it but it was a nice experience.


I had a wonderful experience and the people teaching us were very kind.


Paint and party was a fun and interesting experience it’s not something I would normally do but after the fun I had something I look forward to doing again very soon.


It was a really fun experience especially with friends and loved ones. It brought a lot of laughter and the drinks were cool.


I really liked that the reference pictures were simple but looked astounding I think it makes it all the more enjoyable knowing that people with little to no painting experience can still make something amazing and revel in the process with drinks and friends.


Paint and party was an event prepared by Kahumuza Elizabeth on New years for her and her family to participate in…. everything was well prepared organized and honestly had the best time painting with so many different options and equipment and I can truly say it was worth it cause my painting came out splendid


It was a nice experience expensive but worth it l would do again but p don’t think they real artists like l asked on of them to draw clouds and they drew fake things ugh but nice experience would try again. But the way they want to emphasize the real art much ass they somehow don’t know wat they r doing love that kids children and adults could participate nice experience.